eRic (pezkid9503) wrote in emo_bastards,


i want to die on a gas tank full of love..
as he sat so jeluse he told her.
and her reply was do you like runing on empty.. ya ya ...
well as she stole his tongue there was
a highway with a 13 car pileup!!!
looking back at it there was onley
12 but she was driveing to make it 13...
holding hands telling her he would never let go..
i no that he will ask for hope.. then with a short
sentence i tell number 13 there is no such thing ...
now she is siting there trying to hide her drowing
self from his true teer"s her love was allways empty
and he was allways loaded like a ture lovers red roses..
he is telling her i no a gun that told me you want to
brake my heart ..i now he wishis he had some red Paint to help
this from falling apart..but like allways there is no Difference
from Beginning and start there onley a ending that has
his heart torn apart and this girl allways had a lost part

that some of us call a heart <333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

ps by lover the bullet will brake my heart bye lover !!!!!!<333333333
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