eRic (pezkid9503) wrote in emo_bastards,

october is singing Romance

stubborn and endliss her eye's listen
to the idea of you might care ..muteing out the ter's with
cut's on her rist she play's a Theater of Romance with
familiar ending's.....extremely staind and used
the polished eye's just cant get control...
deciding by the ever so destructive things that she has don
she start's searching for the grain truth in her
errors. smug and critical she attend's
the Disaster by gathering blood from her rist
aggressive she is singing like a gost...
and Coloring her Sleeve with red
then i finally reply hi my name is stranger!!!!!
and i am Waiting for Destiny..
gathered by the frown on her lip's
i found episodes of a plush bright green eye
near ghostly pail skin Disaster of a
romantic ...... the Neverending Romance
is crying her to Destiny and Destiny
hold's me ....

stranger"s to love we hold's my heart from falling out
and i hold her hands from riping it out .....october is singing Romance..
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